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BioRenew South Bay is Southern California’s most advanced regenerative clinic offering state of the art ultrasound diagnosis and non-surgical regenerative therapy. All treatments are performed by our team of expert physicians who have treated thousands of BioRenew Patients with life-changing results. 

Has an injury been holding you back from doing the things you love? Are you hoping to find an alternative to surgery that can treat the source of your discomfort with no down-time? Make an appointment with one of our specialists at BioRenew South Bay and find out if BioRenew Therapy is right for you.

BioRenew® PTM Therapy™ is a next-generation regenerative treatment that works with your body to treat the source of your discomfort and repair the underlying injury. This treatment can be preformed in a matter of minutes, and is injected directly into the area of discomfort or injury.

State of the Art Ultrasound Diagnosis

Diagnostic ultrasound is noninvasive state of the art real-time imaging of musculoskeletal components. The ability to capture current and detailed images during movement differentiates it from other imaging modalities and can permit more accurate diagnoses of internal body structures such as tendon, muscle, nerve, joint, and other injuries.

Ultrasound technology also enables targeted delivery of BioRenew Therapy directly to your source of injury or discomfort for more precise delivery.



Don’t settle for a limited growth factor or stem cell-based regenerative therapy - Not all treatments are the same. Rather than providing only one particular component, BioRenew® Therapy™ provides a complete biologic solution, with all of the elements necessary for success.


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